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Barefaced Audio debuts ultra-lightweight GX guitar cabs with innovative new enclosure design

Barefaced Audio has announced its first-ever guitar cabs, which - like the company’s famed bass cabs - promise to sound bigger than their compact, lightweight design would suggest.

The new GX cabs are neither closed nor open-back; instead, Barefaced is promising a “completely different” patent-pending enclosure.

Barefaced’s Augmented Vent Diffractor technology is behind the cabs’ innovative approach: instead of the sound from the back of the speaker being contained or beamed out to the rear, AVD spreads the midrange and treble sideways, while the bass is boosted thanks to additional low-frequency resonance.

As a result, the company reckons its 1x10 cabs boast the output of a 2x10 and are easier to hear on a gig.

Two versions are available: the GX British and GX American, both of which are rated at 75W and weigh a pretty remarkable 6kg.

We’ve seen compact cabs before, but if the claims hold up, these could just be the 1x10 cabs to beat.

The GX cabs are available now from Barefaced Audio for £429 apiece. UK customers can try the amps for one month free with no return fee, too.

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