BandLab lets you create music and collaborate for free


There are desktop DAWs, and there are mobile DAWs, but what if there were a music creation platform that enabled you to work seamlessly between your smartphone and your home studio? Imagine, too, that it was designed to let you collaborate seamlessly with other users, and was completely free of charge.

The good news is that you can have all of these features and more with BandLab, the cutting-edge music creation platform that can be used on your iOS or Android device and in your web browser.

Once you’re signed up and you’ve downloaded the app, you can start making music anywhere with the 12-track DAW (you can store and share as many projects as you like). Not only can you record, but there are also guitar, bass and vocal effects, while other features include a built-in tuner and the option to make lyric notes in your song. The web version also includes virtual instruments, a drum machine and automatic mastering; pretty much everything you need, in other words.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out songs from other members of the thriving BandLab community. You’ll find themed playlists of great music, and the artists who made it could become your next collaborators.

Whatever your musical abilities and ambitions, BandLab has you covered. It’s completely free, so get started today by downloading the Android version from Google Play, the iOS version from the Apple App Store, or going to the BandLab web platform -