Why Aulart’s new membership is a music producer’s dream

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For aspiring producers not knowing where to start, and professional producers looking for new inspiration – there’s now a membership offering an all-in-one solution. 

Aulart is a leading online educational platform offering world-class tuition on music production from the world’s top producers and artists. Through exclusive Masterclasses, live courses and interactive webinars, Aulart is helping thousands of students in over 104 countries advance their journey into music production, develop their talent and unlock their musical potential. 

The Masterclasses and live courses on Aulart are led by renowned artists, multi-Grammy winning producers, DJs, and industry professionals, and cover a broad spectrum of topics that spans beatmaking, songwriting, mixing, mastering and more. From studio workflows with legendary Hip-Hop producer The Alchemist to Techno master Chris Liebing, Aulart offers courses to suit every producer, from beginners learning the basics to experts honing their craft. Producers early in their careers will benefit from beginner-friendly classes and a ton of bundled software, while experienced professionals are able to build on their skills through a range of advanced-level content that covers areas they may not previously have explored.

Masterclasses are in-depth and extensive, with over 500 chapters of high-quality video content that shows artists unveiling their tips, tricks, techniques, know-how and expertise. In addition, Aulart members are given exclusive access to interactive webinars that cover Music Production Q&As to ask questions to experts, A&R demo sessions to send their demos and showcase their music, and artist mentoring to connect with the artists that inspire them. New Masterclasses and webinars are added monthly, so members can continue learning and developing their skills all year round. 

A membership for every type of producer

This month, Aulart is launching a new annual membership model with two different plans giving members the chance to commit to an entire year of music progress aided by the world’s best artists, producers and experts. This means an Aulart membership is the smartest and most cost-effective way for producers to develop their skills and take their music careers to the next level. Split into two tiers, Essentials and Connect, Essentials give members access to Masterclasses, while Connect gives access to Masterclasses along with interactive webinars and over from leading brands and artists. 

A complete package of benefits to create music

“Aulart’s Connect membership is the first product ever to offer a 360 music educational experience, in one online platform. Students have access to top knowledge, inspiration by masters, a DAW, instruments, samples, effects and access to online webinars with music industry leaders. It’s the all-in-one dream product every musician always wanted to have” says Aulart’s founder and CEO Marc Marzenit. 

Those opting for the Connect membership will be able to access everything they need to start making professional-sounding music straight away. This means access to an industry-standard DAW, Ableton Live 11 Intro, along with plugins, licenses and sample packs from a list of manufacturers that includes Acustica, Cableguys, Output, Loopcloud, Serato, Audiomodern, Kilohearts, Sonarworks, and many more. In an industry first, Aulart is the first music production education platform to offer this kind of software bundle, giving members all the necessary tools to start producing professional-sounding music, with the same DAWs, plugins and sounds used by top producers and artists across the globe.


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Which artists teach in Aulart?

Aulart’s instructors include a wide range of musicians, producers, DJs and icons from the music world. And for many of them, Aulart is the first music education platform they choose to do their Masterclass with. 

“For around 94% of the artists teaching with us, it’s their first time ever to do a Masterclass”, explains Marc Marzenit, “and we’re proud that so many legendary producers and musicians are choosing to make Aulart the place to share their knowledge for the first time.” 

One legendary artist who chose Aulart for their first Masterclass destination is 8-time-Grammy winner Scott Storch, the record producer behind some of the most recognisable hits and melodies of the past two decades – Mario’s ‘Let Me Love You’, Beyonce’s ‘Naughty Girl’, 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’, and  the signature haunting keys from ‘Still D.R.E’, just to name a few. 

“I’ve been asked to do a masterclass many times but never found a platform I felt connected with”, explains Storch, “but with Aulart it was different, I checked them out and felt it was made by people with a real understanding of music values, with brilliant content to help every kind of producer. I just knew it was where I wanted to share my experience from my 30 years in the business, for the very first time,” he continues. 

“I’m very proud to be one of the first international artist who believed in this company and project, and I was happy to get such big support for my masterclass – many new producers are now making tracks using my techniques and that makes me really satisfied” says producer Marco Faraone on working with Aulart. 

And Paco Osuna says of his experience in teaching with Aulart: “If I can motivate new generations to improvise and take risks when mixing, and help them to get out of their comfort zone and be creative, that makes me so happy.” 

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