NAMM 2024: Audiomovers updates its stable of time-saving studio tools aimed at making producers' and engineers' lives easier

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NAMM 2024: Founded in 2017, Audiomovers launched with ListenTo, a piece of music software that fulfils the promise of the company's name by streaming high-quality audio from one place to another to facilitate remote collaboration. 

ListenTo streams uncompressed 32-bit PCM audio directly from a plugin in the user's DAW to up to 150 other devices; audio can be received via a ListenTo plugin in another DAW, a browser-based platform or a companion app that runs on desktop or mobile. Backed by Abbey Road, Audiomovers' software has swiftly become an essential tool for artists, producers and mix engineers collaborating remotely. 

Audiomovers has since released several more software tools, including Binaural Renderer, a plugin that replicates Apple's proprietary Dolby Atmos rendering to allow mix engineers to preview in their DAW how Atmos mixes will sound once uploaded to Apple Music, and Inject, a plugin for conveniently routing multichannel audio between multiple connected audio devices in the user's DAW.

Omnibus is another piece of Audiomovers software that has been updated just in time for NAMM 2024. The software is a virtual patchbay for Mac that simplifies complex audio routing, allowing the user to send audio between applications on a single machine, or between multiple devices and machines over a local network. 

Omnibus 3.0 has been upgraded with support for routing over AVB or NDI, so the software can transmit audio to additional instances of Omnibus on machines connected via these network protocols; the software has also been equipped with MIDI and Stream Deck support, and four expanded virtual drivers that can handle anywhere from 2 to 256 channels.

The user interface has been tweaked for usability, and Omnibus now allows the user to capture audio from specific applications and devices regardless of their audio device output routing. All in all, Omnibus looks like a massive time-saver for engineers and producers working on complex projects that require sophisticated routing management.

Audiomovers has also announced an update to its ListenTo Player app for iOS. ListenTo Pro users can now stream multichannel Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 audio from a connected ListenTo plugin to their mobile device and apply Apple's Spatial Audio processing in real-time, allowing them to hear exactly how the mix will sound when rendered and released on Apple Music.

Find out more on Audiomovers' website.

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