Arturia at Gear Expo Summer 2022: AudioFuse and MiniFuse let you sound like you

SUMMER GEAR EXPO 2022: Get inspired and express yourself through sound whenever & wherever with a range of fully-loaded and creativity-oriented interfaces like no other.

Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, keyboardist, composer, or anything in between, enjoy unmatched sound quality, a smart feature set, and the best software included as standard. The AudioFuse and MiniFuse ranges let you sound like you. 

Each MiniFuse & AudioFuse interface offers simply the best audio specs at its price point. Enjoy the premium sound quality your production deserves. MiniFuse & AudioFuse come with an exclusive selection of software titles offering everything you need to give your sound the professional edge.

This isn’t a bundle of freemium plugins or demos - this is the same exceptional software used by music and audio professionals worldwide.


Arturia interfaces

(Image credit: Arturia)

For nomad podcasters, content creators, musicians and guitarists or bassists from all backgrounds, MiniFuse is a next-gen audio & MIDI interface that gives you everything you need to make music and audio your own way. With unmatched sound quality, smart connectivity, and an exclusive music-making software pack, this is a portable audio companion evolved.

Whether you're using a laptop or desktop, MiniFuse can work for you. PC or Mac, connect it and enjoy total recording freedom. Better still, with the MiniFuse Control Center app, you can monitor its inputs, outputs, settings, and firmware updates in one place.

Break the mould and take your studio on the go. 

MiniFuse is not only compact and lightweight; its rugged aluminium casing can handle the mobile producer’s lifestyle. Chuck it in your bag, get out there, and find the sound you’ve been looking for.


AudioFuse range

(Image credit: Arturia)

For demanding hobbyists and professionals, the AudioFuse range offers cutting edge interfaces for the modern producer, combining exceptionally detailed preamps, perfect conversion, a total monitor solution, and even Bluetooth audio. Whatever creative challenge you face, AudioFuse audio interfaces will help you master it.

From bedroom production, to mobile sound recording, to tracking a live band at full volume, you'll enjoy all 3 AudioFuse models for their perfectly transparent AD/DA conversion, practically zero-noise preamps, loads of gain to make even the quietest mics shine, and a silky-smooth audiophile listening experience.

Reliable connectivity ensures low-latency performance for even the most demanding sessions, while the Bluetooth receiver lets you listen to and record audio straight from your phone or tablet into your DAW - at home, on the move, or in the studio


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