Apple Music launches DJ mixes in Spatial Audio, announces exclusive mix from Jeff Mills

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Apple Music has announced today the launch of DJ mixes in Spatial Audio, available to stream on Apple Music for the first time.

The news marks another step in Apple's continued embrace of the DJ mix format, following a program launched last year that saw mixes made officially available to stream on Apple Music for the first time, with the correct track identification and compensation involved.

Apple have also announced the relaunch of their One Mix series, celebrating the occasion with a mix, available to stream in Spatial Audio, from techno pioneer Jeff Mills. Titled the Outer to Inner Atmosphere: The Escape Velocity Mix, it's said to be "conceptualised and designed to stimulate the listeners’ three dimensional senses and sensations using the subject and idea of breaking Earth’s gravitational pull and leaving the planet." Not your average techno mix, then.  

"The response to Spatial Audio from both subscribers and creators has been incredible, and we’re thrilled to expand this innovation in sound,” commented Apple Music's Stephen Campbell. “It’s an honour to have Jeff Mills create our first One Mix in Spatial Audio. He is a generational icon and a true techno pioneer."

In addition, Apple Music have made 15 Boiler Room mixes available in Spatial Audio. Captured in nightclubs, raves and festivals across the globe, these have been remastered in Dolby Atmos, and feature performances from The Blessed Madonna, HAAi, FJAAK, Object Blue, India Jordan, Boys Noize and more.

Listen to Jeff Mills' One Mix in Spatial Audio on Apple Music.

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