Antelope Audio’s new Discrete 8 audio interface is cramming in the features

Antelope Audio has announced the Discrete 8, a Thunderbolt and USB 26-input/32-output audio interface that features eight ‘console-grade’ mic preamps, plus two new modelling microphones.

As the name suggests, the Discrete 8 features eight analogue inputs (A1 through to A8), eight analogue outputs (on a standard 25-pin D-SUB connector), a pair of Monitor outputs, two REAMP outputs, and a pair of headphone outputs, with additional digital connectivity courtesy of S/PDIF in and out alongside dual ADAT I/O.

Utilising Antelope Audio’s FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) realtime effects engine and AFX platform, Discrete 8 adds Accusonic microphone and preamp models, guitar amps, transformer and tube effects alongside a huge selection of classic vintage gear to its recording roster. It can all be controlled from within your DAW by the new ConnectAFX plugin.

Model behaviour

Two new modelling microphones, Edge and Verge, are specially designed for Discrete 8’s preamps and feature matching discrete electronics.

Capable of multiple polar patterns, Edge is a large-diaphragm condenser modelling microphone with what Antelope Audio promises is “an excellent transient response”. Verge visibly differs, being a small-diaphragm condenser (back electret-type) modelling microphone suited for high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) recording and also promising “nuanced accuracy”.

Discrete 8 is available now and prices are €1,895 for the interface and six bundled Verge mics, €1,995 for the interface plus one Edge microphone,  or €2,995 for six Verge mics, one Edge mic and the Discrete 8 interface. More information can be found on the Antelope Audio website.

Simon Arblaster
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