Amazon is selling guitar pedals for under £40

AmazonBasics pedals
(Image credit: Amazon)

A reliable source of cut-price electronics, cables and assorted bits and bobs, the AmazonBasics range has now been extended to include guitar effects  – with seven mini guitar effects pedals filling out the series.

Each of the effects shares the same compact (9.4 x 5.3 x 5.3cm) enclosure, with a simple three knobs or fewer configuration, and a price that makes them a very attractive option for beginners and students who need something cheap and easy to freshen up their signal path.

The AmazonBasics range comprises a compressor, boost, delay, distortion, looper, drive and chromatic tuner.

AmazonBasics pedals

(Image credit: Amazon)

Prices start from £19.95 / $26.75 for the distortion, while the most expensive, the looper, will set you back £35.71 / $48.16. 

Why are they so cheap? Well, Amazon has the economies of scale behind it, and clearly naming the effects in such utilitarian fashion as has helped keep the R&D budget down.

All of these pedals are true bypass and you'll need a 9V DC adaptor for power.

Grab one from Amazon.

Jonathan Horsley

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