“Amazing artistry, writing, talent in that record”: Grammys CEO says that Kendrick's Drake diss track could be nominated

Kendrick Lamar at the Grammys
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The saga of the Kendrick Lamar/Drake diss tracks rumbles on and on.

They appreciate what’s hot and going on

Grammys CEO Harvey Mason Jr

It now transpires that Lamar’s Not Like Us could be up for a Grammy nomination. In an interview conducted at LA X Airport with TMZ Hip Hop on Monday, Grammys CEO Harvey Mason Jr talked of the “amazing artistry, writing, talent in that record.” 

He continued, “You’ve got artists that have been nominated before. So I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be. It’s all about the quality of the records.”

Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. Says 'Not Like Us' Diss Eligible For Grammys | TMZ - YouTube Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. Says 'Not Like Us' Diss Eligible For Grammys | TMZ - YouTube
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Mason Jr suggested that the fact it was a diss track wouldn’t necessarily be a problem for the Academy members. “I think they appreciate greatness. They appreciate what’s hot and going on. That’s a relevant record that’s impacting on so many levels. So much creativity and talent. I’d like to believe that the Academy members (can) recognise that.”

He also suggested the Grammys could even have a separate category for diss tracks. “Anything is possible. All of our awards come from our members. If they say ‘let’s have a diss track category’, they vote on it and if they like it and they want it, then it happens. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Not Like Us - YouTube Not Like Us - YouTube
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The track itself was the culmination of a verbal war that saw missiles bouncing back and forth between the two rappers at the end of April. In it Lamar, in a reference to Drake’s supposed penchant for younger ladies, calls the Toronto MC “a certified paedophile”.


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But if there’s something that punters seem to lurrve, it’s a bit of beef. Not Like Us debuted at Number One in the US charts and broke streaming records – clocking up over 6.8 million Spotify plays in a single day. In purely commercial terms, Lamar appeared to have wiped the floor with Drake, whose response Family Matters could only reach Number Six.

And that’s before he found himself in hot water when one of his diss tracks, Taylor Made Freestyle, which featured an AI version of Tupac Shakur, was the subject of a cease and desist letter from the late rapper’s estate. Drake had to take it down from all streaming sites. Earlier this week Sheryl Crow joined in the chorus of disapproval over the incident, calling it “hateful...antithetical to the life force that exists in all of us.”

This one looks set to run and run Tune in at the same time next week for the next episode.  

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