Alexander Pedals and Deafheaven’s limited-edition Infinite Granite is back on pre-order

Alexander Pedals Deafheaven Infinite Granite
(Image credit: Alexander Pedals/Deafheaven)

Alexander Pedals and Deafheaven’s Infinite Granite reverb/delay pedal collaboration created quite a stir when the first batch of units quickly sold out.

So, for those who missed the debut of this awesome ‘80s vibe machine, Alexander Pedals has constructed a pre-order webpage where you can keep tabs on batch two.

Taking inspiration from the shoegaze sounds of the American band’s 2021 studio album Infinite Granite, Alexander's Deafheaven signature pedal is crammed with an expansive choice of digital reverb and delay effects.

The Infinite Granite pedal boasts three delay/reverb modes accessible via a three-way toggle switch, namely: Wash, Gleam and Echo.

Wash mode combines an 800ms delay with a slow-building reverb. Holding the footswitch down causes the reverb sustain to ramp up. Perfect for building some dynamic atmospherics into your performances. 

With a maximum delay time of around 640ms, the Gleam algorithm adds a shimmer-style upper octave to the reverb. Holding down the footswitch in this mode makes the shimmer effect swell, allowing for some otherworldly crescendos.

With its slow-build reverb, the Echo mode may sound mellow – that is until the footswitch is held down, forcing the delay into wild oscillations (who doesn’t love that classic psychedelic echo feedback?)

Alexander Pedals Deafheaven Infinite Granite

(Image credit: Alexander Pedals/Deafheaven)

The footswitch’s special Hold function has two switchable options: Infinite and Freeze.

Infinite allows new notes to be added to the held signal while Freeze routes the dry signal around the held notes so that you can play over the frozen notes without changing their harmonic content.

Featuring an analogue dry signal path, the Infinite Granite has been designed for use with standard mono cables, but it also boasts a wet/dry signal output option (accessible using a stereo/TRS cable) which can be blended via the unit’s mix knob.

Alexander Pedals Deafheaven Infinite Granite

(Image credit: Alexander Pedals/Deafheaven)

The mix knob swings between 100 per cent dry and 100 per cent wet at either extreme, with an equal blend of the two at 12 o’clock.

While the delay knob simply controls delay time, the repeat knob controls feedback and repeats, becoming brighter in clockwise rotation.

The reverb knob allows adjustment of the reverb mix and decay. Turning this knob while holding the footswitch down adjusts the delay signal mix.

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