Acoustic guitarist Maneli Jamal takes part in Octet collaboration with 7 other players

Instrumentalist Maneli Jamal had a busy 2020; releasing two new albums and placing highly in our best acoustic guitarist (opens in new tab) poll, thanks to readers' votes. Now the Toronto-based player taking part in a very special project called Octlet.

Eight guitarists from around the world collaborated on the piece, written by British player Chris Woods (of The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra) with an incredible range of styles and instruments showcased, including bass and eight-string electric guitar (opens in new tab).

The piece was especially commissioned by Elixir Strings with each musician recording their part remotely from Europe, Canada and the US. 


(Image credit: Elixir Strings )

“I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out," says Woods. "I think everyone’s unique sound cuts through, but without detracting from the overall 'togetherness' of the piece.”

We agree! Guitarists featured are: Chris Woods, Michael Watts (UK), Maneli Jamal (Canada), Ando San (USA), Tiffany Lloyd (USA), Sus Vasquez (USA), Bernth Brodträger (Austria) and Quentin Godet (France). 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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