A classic shred machine returns to service as Ibanez unveils the Genesis Collection RG565

Ibanez Genesis Collection RG565
(Image credit: Ibanez)

Ibanez has added the RG565 to its Genesis Collection – a series of Japanese-made reissues of the company's cult classic electric guitars.

While the RG565 might have fallen out of production in 1992, it retains a place in the heart of many a shredder, who found its bolt-on Wizard neck a veritable Autobahn for the fretting hand, with its souped up S-style design one of the archetypal shred guitars.

The 2020 Genesis Collection model retains much of the original spec. This, too, has a minimally contoured basswood body, with sharp cutaways. It has a bolt-on construction with a Tilt neck heel that is a little blockier than some contemporary S-styles yet nonetheless doesn't block your passage to the upper frets. 

There is an Edge tremolo – a double-locking unit not unlike a Floyd Rose but built by Gotoh. While Ibanez lists the 2020 Genesis Collection model as having a Super Wizard neck, the proportions are similar to the Wizard necks of the early 90s, with a super-skinny 17mm depth at the first fret.

The neck materials have changed, however. Previously all maple, in 2020 we've got a five-piece maple and walnut build, and a reverse headstock for bonus cool points.

The pickups have been revised, too, with a passive Infinity R ceramic humbucker in the neck joined by a V8 Alnico humbucker in the bridge, and you have a five-way selector switch, master tone and volume controls to help dial in your tone.

Elsewhere, you've got a maple 'board with colour-matched dot inlay and 24 jumbo frets, and Gotoh tuners in black to match the bridge complete the picture. Choose from Emerald Green (which looks teal in the pictures) or Fluorescent Orange. 

No prices just yet, but expect these to be around £839 street as per the other RG models in the series. Pop on over to Ibanez for more pics and information.

Jonathan Horsley

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