See all 20 hand-painted PRS Mark Tremonti signature guitars to celebrate their 20th anniversary

Mark Tremonti's PRS signature guitar painted by Joe Fenton is a stunning piece of work, so the Alter Bridge guitarist and PRS have joined up with the English artist again for a strictly limited edition to mark 20 years of the Tremonti  electric guitar partnership. 

The guitars were hand-painted by Fenton, who met Tremonti in 2013 when the guitarist first asked him about creating the custom-painted PRS you can see in the video at the bottom.

For this new limited edition, only 20 guitars will be made. Each guitar is hand-signed by Mark Tremonti, Joe Fenton, and Paul Reed Smith and numbered.


(Image credit: PRS Guitars)

“Working with PRS for the last 20 years has been one of the great honors of my career, and we wanted to celebrate that partnership with something really distinctive. Joe’s artistry was an immediate choice for me,” said Mark Tremonti. “I love the guitar he painted for me – I play it all the time – and making more of these together is really special.”

Fenton’s designs are inspired by surrealist art, with fantasy-themed monochromatic, gothic depictions. And each of the 20 guitars features a unique design that you can see in the gallery below. 

“Creating a design for a guitar is really enjoyable. PRS guitars are a work of art in themselves," says Fenton. "I approached designing each guitar as if I was embellishing a jewel with the shape of the guitar informing the final design."

The guitars were by painted Fenton with several thin washes of acrylic paints and other acrylic mediums and took over 100 hours to complete each. 

So you already know these satin beauties are going to be expensive – we're seeing that Peach Guitars in the UK has one for £12,750. 

While we head back to scouting out much more affordable pre-Black Friday guitar deals for you, there's more info on the guitar over at the PRS Guitars blog

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