What Strings Does Gov't Mule's Warren Haynes Use?

We ask a famous guitarist all those little questions you really do want the answers to…

Today: Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule

Q: Do you have a type of pick that you can't live without?
A: I use D'Andrea .88mm abalone 347 shape picks. It's the shape I've played for my entire career.

Q: If you had to give up all your pedals but three, what would they be?
A: I'd pick the Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere for Leslie effects, the Diaz Texas Ranger treble boost and the Dunlop Crybaby wah. All three are expressive and touch sensitive to my style…

Q: Do you play another instrument well enough to be in a band?
A: I love drums and all percussion instruments…

Q: If a music chart were put in front of you, could you read it?
A: Yes

Q: Do guitar cables really make a difference? What make are yours?
A: I think everything in the signal path makes a difference to your tone, so yes. I use Planet Waves cables.

Q: Is there anyone's playing (past or present) that you're slightly jealous of? (And why?) A: No comment!

Q: Your house/studio is burning down: which guitar do you salvage?
A: My 1961 ES-335 - because it's my favourite of all my instruments.

Q: What's your favourite amp and how do you set it?
A: I've always been a Soldano/Diaz amp guy, but lately I'm starting to play PRS Dallas amps. Input gain at 11 o'clock, master at 4 o'clock, tone controls vary from guitar to guitar.

Q: What kind of action do you have on your guitars?
A: Medium action - too low to be set for slide, and too high to be set for fast picking.

Q: What guitar strings do you use?
A: GHS Burnished Nickel Rockers, 10-46 gauge for Les Pauls, 11-50 gauge for Firebirds (Eb for Firebird). GHS Nickel Rockers, 10-46 with bottom string replaced with .54 (low D) for Les Pauls in drop D. For acoustic, GHS Vintage Bronze 12-54 gauge - good for all acoustics. I've been using these strings for the last 11 years because I like the consistency of the tone.