Recently we were sent a variety of picks from Vinni Smith, owner of V-Picks based in California. Within an hour of opening the packs and using the picks, we found that they not only sounded brilliant but made playing more rewarding too. And if they do this for us, we reckon they'll do the same for you!

Started in 2006, V-Picks make over 30 pick types and are sold all over the world demonstrating substantial growth over a short period of time. The company's reputation is built on several unique strengths; they don't fall out of your hand easily, have a bold tone, are crafted exceptionally well and encourage effortless playing. Then there is the size; many of the best sellers are thicker than other pick brands. Although there are pick widths of 1mm and under, 2.75mm+ is where the picks tend to excel for many guitarists. Bass content and mid range bite are increased and string to pick precision is noticeable. And if you want very thick, the Insanity pick should do the trick as that clocks in at 11.85mm!
Our preferences after an hour? For Neville, he's sold on the Freakishly Large Ruby Red pick (designed for Santana, lower right of first photo) and Jason, the Medium Lite Pointed (bottom left of first photo). Don't just take our word though, get over to the V-Picks site to see if there's a pick ideal for you!

The four packs sent were:
Acoustic Premium Pack (with five picks in)
Fab Four (clear)
Ruby red Fab Four
Night Glow Fab four

For more info, reviews and videos visit http://v-picks.com/

For UK orders visit http://www.ekmpowershop8.com/ekmps/shops/madisaf/v-pick-guitar-picks-17-c.asp