Providence pedal and cables

For fans of quality guitar products, Providence has three releases on offer. With a reputation of producing high quality musical cables and guitar effects pedals, they've updated the Heat Blaster distortion pedal and two musical cables. The Heat Blaster HBL-3 has a new bass boost switch, a tweaked frequency response, new SCT (single contact true-bypass) circuitry and a heavy duty footswitch. If you favour a clean valve amp, this distortion pedal sounds very rich and thick, responding well to volume and playing dynamics.

The E205 cable is available in various lengths and ideal for all guitars and playing styles. In particular, if you want to cut through a band, the mid and treble frequencies are very well catered to. These cables also feature nickel NP-14L connectors that are slightly angled to improve connecting guitars, pedals and amps.

The H207 cable is a development on Providence's P203 patch cables - the colour has changed from purple to black and various lengths are offered, featuring either the NP-14GL connectors (as on the patch cables) or the standard NP-14G. Especially for a Stratocaster's unique socket, the NP-11G connector is also offered. If, like Larry Carlton, you liked the P203 patch cables and wanted a guitar cable with the same clear tone, this one is for you!

The HBL-3 retails at £199, the E205 and H207 cables start at around £38 For 3 metre length.

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