Mod Tone pedals

So you've a distortion pedal for extra filth, some delay for ambient echoes and a phaser for some psychedelic whooshing so what next to get? Let's suggest you check out two pedals from Mod Tone…

Mod Tone have an admiral array of guitar sonic stomp boxes but what caught GT's eye (ear) recently were two impressively useful pedals. One substantially alters your tone while the other doesn't but is arguably more fitting for day to day use.

Funk Filter Enveloper

A small green and orange pedal, it offers a multitude of filtered tones that ball park all manner of auto wah wackacha and envelope type squelching. The first knob (mode) hones in on the frequency bands (high pass, mid pass and low pass), while the last two (F-Factor and Drive) control the intensity and type of filtering. One thing's for sure; there's a lot of usable tones on offer and it's very dynamic to your volume and pickup selections. We found some great auto wah funk settings in low pass mode with drive set low and F-Factor set to around 12 o'clock. With the metal casing and true bypass, £110 approx UK price seems a steal to us!
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Of course, you can squelch funk only so much on a gig so the other pedal we've been impressed by is the MTCB, Clean Boost.

This has two dials, tone and volume (unity gain is at 12 o'clock, with a 25db boost at maximum setting), but it's enough to provide several options for the user. A boost, a boost+tone alteration, only tone alteration (no volume change), only volume reduction and lastly volume reduction+tone alteration. That's a lot of possibilities from blasting the front end of your amp for solos to changing to a thin tone for cutting rhythm work. Like the Funk Filter Enveloper it's housed in a sturdy metal casing and boasts true bypass.
Available in the UK around £90 from

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