Latest Guitar Techniques issue a real stormer!

Gary Moore: Since I Met You Baby
This sensational track (from the album After Hours) shows Gary in absolute top form, tearing out effortless licks on Peter Green's old Les Paul and swapping solos with none other than BB King. If you don't find at least 30 new licks to add to your arsenal from this we'd be surprised.

20 Blues Turnarounds
While we're on the blues theme, what is it that lets you playing down? Weak intros, endings and turnarounds? Yeah we thought so, which is why we asked Dario Cortese to bring his vast knowledge of the subject to a fabulous 6-page feature showing 20 great turnarounds for you to learn - use them as intros and endings too!

Shawn Lane: Get You Back
It's been five years since this remarkable guitarist died. Rated as one of the finest players that ever lived, Shawn's legacy lives on in his recordings and YouTube appearances. And how about this fantastic tribute to Shawn from GT's own Guthrie Govan - a huge fan and one of the few guitarists able to do justice to his blinding technique. It's a lovely tune and, apart from the devastating end passage, manageable to guitarists of intermediate ability...

As usual, GT is packed with incredible tuition in all styles - learn to play like BB King, Nick Drake, The Doors' Robby Krieger, session aces Jay Graydon and Brent Mason; plus brilliant Creative Rock and Jazz columns from GT's resident geniuses Shaun Baxter and Pete Callard.

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