blue chip picks

Investing in good equipment not only makes you sound better but play better too. Just in the same a good quality guitar or speaker cable can improve your tone, so too can a good pick. Even better if pick to string contact is so smooth it feels effortless!

Enter blue chip picks based in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company headed up by Matthew Goines, make picks that are CNC machined, laser etched and finished to a very tight tolerance. Each one is brown coloured and made of a special composite material that can withstand high temperatures, is very wear resistant and contain special lubricants that make the picks fast. In many respects, they duplicate the tone and speed of tortoise shell picks that have been favoured by pick connoisseurs in the past.

They also come in various sizes and thicknesses. From jazz 3s and thumb picks through to big bass sizes and slim mandolin picks, there are a lot to consider!

GT were sent several recently to try out and we were very impressed. They are very smooth, very fast and don't look like they'll be wearing out too soon! Furthermore, they are warm and clean sounding, as good for chord strumming as busy alternate picked lines on acoustic or electric guitars.

Of course with virtuosos like Chris Thiele (ex Nicklecreek, Punch Brothers), Dan Tyminski and Mike Marshall as enthusiastic users, there's even more reason to try them out!

Blue Chip picks cost $35 each. For more information and to order click here