20 Hendrix Questions

Test your knowledge of perhaps the greatest electric guitarist of all time. We´ll post the answers too, but don´t cheat or you´ll be made to sit in the naughty chair!

Okay, here we go...

1. In which American city was Jimi Hendrix born? Was it: New York? Seattle? San Francisco?

2. Was Jimi´s band called: The Experience? The Experiment? The Explosion?

3. It´s said that Hendrix only agreed to come to England if he could meet a famous British guitarist. Was it: Jeff Beck? Jimmy Page? Eric Clapton?

4. Was the name of Jimi´s New York recording complex: Electric Lady Studios? Electric Mistress Studios? Electric Banana Studios?

5. Gibson created a black custom guitar for Jimi with arrowhead fingerboard inlays. Was it a: Les Paul? SG? Flying V?

6. Jimi wrote two songs where he used the phonetic spelling “Chile” instead of Child. One was Voodoo Chile: can you name the other?

7. In Hey Joe, why did the ballad´s anti-hero shoot his “old lady”?

8. Can you name Hendrix´s posthumous studio album?

9. “Is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?” is a line from which Hendrix song?

10. With which electric guitar did Hendrix become most associated?

11. Did Jimi play the guitar left or right-handed?

12. In the 1967 Hendrix hit single, did the wind cry: Martha? Marcia? Mary?

13. In Jimi´s original three-piece group, who played bass and drums?

14. Hendrix had only one chart-topping UK single. Was it: Purple Haze? All Along The Watchtower? Voodoo Chile?

15. Who wrote the Hendrix hit, All Along The Watchtower? Was it: John Lennon? Roger McGuinn? Bob Dylan?

16. What was it about the sleeve of Jimi´s 1967 album Electric Ladyland that so upset the establishment?

17. Jimi´s middle name is the same as that of a well-known make of British guitar amplifier. Is it: Marshall? Laney? Cornford?

18. In which chart-topping British R&B band had Jimi´s manager, Chas Chandler, been bassist? The Yardbirds? The Kinks? The Animals?

19. Jimi´s most famous performance was in 1969 at a festival on a farm in New York State. Was it: Woodcock? Woodblock? Woodstock?

20. His last big gig was at a festival held on a UK island. Was it: Isle of Wight? Isle of Mull? Isle of Man?