The Unforgiven: Metallica promise return to old good old days on new album

Do you recall that awful sinking feeling when you first heard St Anger? Hopefully Metallica fans will never have to endure it again. Drummer Lars Ulrich is promising a new album - due in the early Spring - with actual songs we can listen to this time around, and he's happy to pump up the hype a little with comparisons to their glory days:

"Well, the most of the intros are four to five minutes," the drummer told ahead of the Metallica's weekend show at Neil Young's Bridge School benefit concert in the US. " I don't know — Metallica and short songs just don't go that well together. But whereas St. Anger was an exercise in over-pummelling the listener, these new songs echo some of our stuff from the '80s — long, epic journeys through different musical landscapes, heavier, but a lot more melodic."

But are the songs any good this time, Lars?

Y'know - this kind of good…