The Hamsters honour Jimi Hendrix with tour

Southend blues rock trio The Hamsters have lined up 50 UK gigs to mark the 40th anniversary of the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix's death. Being as true as possible to the exact date of Hendrix's tragic death, the band begin their tour in mid September, which takes them up to a final gig during the Christmas period.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, The Hamsters are a three piece band from Southend-on-Sea in Essex, and have been together for 24 years and are rightly acclaimed for their live shows.

The Hamsters cite their main influences as Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top and have even released an album entirely of Hendrix covers in 1990 titled Electric Hamsterland, making them no newcomers to playing his material live.

Guitarist magazine managed to catch up with The Hamsters guitarist and vocalist Slim Hamster, who gave us some info about their upcoming tour. "We'll be supporting ourselves at the shows by doing a 40 minute opening slot of Hamsters' stuff - mainly so folks who've not seen us before can see that we do more than Jimi stuff - and then we'll be playing a 90 minute Jimi show."

For the full listing of dates for The Hamsters' Hendrix tour, check out The Hamsters' website.