Shredding legend Yngwie Malmsteen selling his Ferrari on Ebay

You too can now Unleash The Fury™ on the school run! That´s right, a Ferrari 1983 308 GTS QV owned by Swedish shredding sensation Yngwie Malmsteen is up on Ebay right now and currently going for the bargain price of $15,000.

We're currently raising a posse in the office to put together our meagre funds for a bid - we've got £7.56 so far and a broken wah wah pedal.

The car has been used in numerous Yngwie promo shots and he even wrote two tunes about it - Beauty And The Beast and Demon Driver. Apparently the shred lord needs the cash to buy a new one - like you do - but further investigation of the listing suggests all is not well with this four wheeled beast; it´s described as having some “engine issue” (read: it´s knackered).

Check it out here