Running Back: former Thin Lizzy guitarist recording again has reported that former Thin Lizzy/ Wild Horses/Motörhead guitarist Brian Robertson has entered Polar studios in Stockholm, Sweden with Ian Haugland (Europe) and Nalle Pahlsson on drums and bass, respectively.

According to Robertson's manager Sören Lindberg, "The first session is now complete and we've got three tracks recorded. The next session is not yet scheduled, but it should take place during this winter or early spring. The songs recorded so far are 'Do It Till We Drop' (Miller/Robertson), 'Blues Boy' (Lynott/Robertson) and 'Linger My Love' (Karlsson/Robertson) with a lineup consisting of Robbo on guitars and vocals, Sulo on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ian Haugland on drums and percussion, Nalle Pahlsson on bass and Linéa Helgé on backing vocals. Recording took place at Polar studios in Stockholm by Chris Laney and Lennart Östlund on January 10-12 and Marshall amps were supplied by DM Audio."