Opeth update: new guitar, new amp, new album… new baby



Mikael kerfeldt

has issued the following update on current goings on:

"On October 28 at 9:20 AM my wife gave birth to our second daughter, Mirjam Ebba Maria kerfeldt. She is so beautiful, just looking at her brings me to tears!

Who'd known that I, a bum from the Stockholm suburbs would be the father of two beautiful daughters? Yes, guys! I am happy!

"On top of that, the album is now written and the demos sound fantastic! We will start recording it tomorrow, actually! I don't wanna say too much but....gee, it is so fucking good!! If I may say so myself....Expected 'delivery date' on this one is sometime in April/May 2008.

"On top of that (2)...my friends at

PRS guitars



decided to give me some early Christmas gifts. I had a stunning

PRS Hollowbody II

delivered and it's just awesome! Real ear and eye candy! And from Laney I got the new

Lionheart mini stack

which sounds beyond fantastic! That rig will be used quite a lot in the studio I'm sure!

"Yes, you can probably say the last few days have been pretty fucking decent!"

Good news all round for Opeth and their fans. And in related news be sure to check out the band's forthcoming

The Roundhouse Tapes

double live CD - that is due out on 5 November. The production and performance are excellent.