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Online Guitar Tuition From Nils Lofgren

The erstwhile Springsteen guitarist and performer in his own right is offering a course of one-on-one lessons via his site. For $15 you can get hold of four one-hour videos that, we must say, look pretty good to us.

Speaking to, Nils says: “I´m trying to find ways to do something musical that don´t always involve leaving home, which is what gigs are. So I started this guitar school. I taught briefly as a teenager just, you know, locally, and I did a couple rock ‘n´ roll fantasy camps—I did the first one way back in the early ´90s with VH1, and I did one last year as a guest. I kind of accidentally discovered that I really enjoy sitting around with people who want to learn and showing them stuff.”

Visit Nils´ site here...