NAMM 2007 Highlights: Tech 21

Tech 21 took time at NAMM to introduce a pair of new pedals: the Boost D.L.A., an analogue delay emulator and the Boost R.V.B., an analogue reverb emulator. Each incorporates a clean boost function for up to nine dB of additional volume. With boost and delay or boost and reverb in a single pedal, solos jump out with greater dimension.

The two units´ controls are engineered so you can explore and custom tailor such delay styles as digital, vintage tape and bucket brigade, and such reverb styles as spring, plate and natural room/hall ambiance.

The company also announced the introduction of its Power Engine series in larger formats. Known as a 60-watt, 1x12, multi-purpose powered extension cabinet, Tech 21´s popular Power Engine 60 is now available in two new configurations: a 2x12 loaded with Celestion Seventy 80 speakers, and a 4x10 loaded with custom-designed Eminence speakers.

The Power Engine 60s can be used with any direct recording device or pre-amp from any manufacturer, including Tech 21´s own line of SansAmps. When you plug your favourite device into a Power Engine, you get 60 transparent watts of volume without affecting the tone.

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