Led Zeppelin Reunion: Plant says he only wants to do one last great show… and only one (boo hiss)

Rock god Robert Plant has been crushing our hopes and dreams again. In an interview with Uncut, he's confirmed that Zepellin's reunion show at the London 02 Arena on 26 November is most certainly not a tester for a wold tour in 2008: "There'll be one show and that'll be it," Plant told the entertainment magazine. "We need one last great show because we've done some (reunion) shows and they've been crap."

Well at least he's honest, and Plant was quick to state he's not keen on a tour even if all goes well at the 02: "Not for me, but I can't speak for anyone else."

Yeah well let's just see what Jimmy and John have to say about that first shall we?

Elsewhere in the grilling, Plant was asked if he ever thought about one possible motive for touring with Zeppelin: to blow the band's peers The Who and The Rolling Stones away. No way says Plant: "We weren't in competition with anybody. We were Led Zeppelin. We were at that time the biggest band in the world. There wasn't anyone else. There was no one near us. We were out there on our own. And blowing everybody away isn't the issue anymore. Blowing myself away is the issue. That's what it's all about now."

But he couldn't resist a slightly catty dig at the other two bands, who have long been touring without their original line-ups: "They're doing what they're doing," mewed the man once known as 'Percy'. "It keeps them off the streets, I suppose."

So good news, bad news - they're coming back but not for long. Has anyone out there actually got tickets for the 02 show? We Just hope they're dressed better at least than the last time they got back together for a full length show. And for those of you that missed it…