High Flyers: Two new Eastwood Airline '59 Customs

Axes bold as brass…

Eastwood´s new

Airline '59 Custom Series

are bringing a number of new features to the brand.

A rubber binding now surrounds the chambered mahogany bodies of the new 2P (£749) and 3P (£879) - just like on Airline´s original Res-O-Glas guitars. Other details include NOS Valco knobs and aluminium tone switch plate and the 2P and 3P feature high output Vintage Voiced sing-coils. The 3P has a Bigsby tremolo and is available in white or seafoam green finishes while the 2P is available in red.

“It's been five years since I asked our engineering team for that rubber binding”

, stated Mike Robinson, President of Eastwood Guitars.

“It was definitely worth the wait. Over the past six years, our Airline series has built a great reputation for playability and tone, but now we are setting a new standard in guitar aesthetics with the new ‘59 Custom Series”.

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