Guitarist quick chord lesson

Standard F barré

Remember the first time you tried to play F major? After all the sweat, tears and agony, you end up with yet another bland major chord that doesn't seem to feature on any of your favourite songs. Together, we can make it cool...


First of all, lift your index finger from the B and high E strings. As long as those open notes work in the musical context, this is great for adding a hint of Alex Lifeson.


Without the potentially troublesome B, but sounding just as classy, this Fmaj9 is just an open C shape moved up five frets. It's oddly sad and wistful for a major chord.

Suicidal F6

This F6 might have a naively cheerful sound, but it's a bit painful. The soft shimmer works best on a Hawaiian beach at sunset... ideally with a chiropractor ready to reset your shoulder.