Guitar playing world record attempt set for June

An attempt to break the world record for the largest ensemble performance of the same song in history will be made in June featuring 2,000 guitarists - and they'll be playing a Deep Purple classic.

Although Guitarist reported on an attempt in February to break the record at Harrods department store in London, it was foiled due to fears of noise poullution (d'oh!). Now US radio show hosts Max Floyd and Tanna at the station KYSS have taken on the challenge.

On June 3, 2,000 guitarists of all ages and skill will gather at Community America Ballpark in Kansas City in an effort to break the record which has stood since 1994.

Representatives from Guinness will be on hand to verify the record has been broken - assumingly with earplugs at the ready too - and celebrity guitarists will also be participating in the history making event. Although KYSS don't say exactly who.

The song of choice for the event is a no-brainer - Deep Purple's classic riff beast Smoke on the Water. "The first song everyone learns on guitar is Smoke On The Water, so we thought this would be a good song to try and break the record with," Max Floyd said. Actually the first song Guitarist ever learned was Yngwie Malmsteen's Far Beyond The Sun, so there.

"We're pretty confident we're going to break the record," added the mysteriously monikered Tanna. "We know our listeners are going to rise to the challenge or else we wouldn't even attempt this.

Participants in the event have been, and may continue to sign up via 99.7's web site at, so if you're passing through Kansas with your Strat don't delay!