Guitar Hanger: Genius!

For years guitar players have been storing guitars in the corner, under the bed, and in closets.

Now comes The Guitar Hanger: the next logical step in storing your guitar!

Whether for the touring professional or for the student just starting out, The Guitar Hanger gives you quick and easy access to your instrument. Instead of storing on a conventional guitar stand, The Guitar Hanger allows you to store your guitar anywhere with a clothes rail, and our non-mechanical locking yoke holds it securely in place.

Great for gifts, and ideal for the starting player because, if it is in a case under the bed it is not getting played, and if it is on a floor stand it is getting knocked over.

Hanging it in the wardrobe allows for quick access while keeping it safe from the flow of traffic. The swivelling yoke fits most guitars and you can hang the guitar facing left or right.

Have a home studio? Tired of it taking 3-4 minutes to switch guitars by pulling out a case, and putting one guitar away, then pulling out another case to get to another guitar? You will now be able to switch guitars in less than 10 seconds.

The Guitar Hanger is priced at £18.99

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