Create your own DIY stompbox circuits

If you´ve ever wanted to learn about building your own effects pedals but don´t have a clue where to start, the Beavis Board kit could give you a leg-up into the world of circuit diagrams, esoteric-sounding components and spending hours in your workshop cultivating mad-scientist hair and a big frizzy beard - with no solder required.

Consisting of a true bypass i/o breakbox, a bread board to build your circuit on, loads of components, a digital multimeter and a project-based guide to creating audio circuits, following the kit´s schematics and instructions will show you how to make sense of the inner workings of classic stompboxes - from tremolo effects to compressors to boutique tube screamers. There are also suggested mods so you can tailor circuits to your own unique sonic requirements.

For much more on the the Beavis Board and its creator, Beavis Audio, click here.