Run To the Beat

Run to the Beat

Attention all musicians. Sony Ericsson want you to play at their next big event and they´ve gone all healthy in the process too…

The ‘Run To The Beat´ event takes place around central London on the 27th September, finishing at the O2 Arena and is (stay with us now) a half marathon lined with bands, DJs and other bizarre musical events. The idea is that running + music = good with the runners taking part being magically powered up and able to run those extra miles through the healing power of music. And Sony Ericsson.

No. It´s not all mumbjo jumbo (and a massive promotion for a mobile phone brand) researcher Dr Costas Karageorghis from Brunel University has developed the science in this field of music psychology and fully supports the event. That´s you told.

Either way we´re big fans of bringing music to the streets of London and if that motivates and inspires some runners then that´s all for the better.

Different genres of music will be strategically placed to match the stage and mood of the race and participants will get the chance to fight and prove which genre of music is the best, when it comes to crossing the finish line first.

Want to get involved? Sony Ericsson are asking for runners to sign up to Run to the Beat, by doing so you can influence what music is played around the course. Likewise they are looking for any bands or DJ´s that would like to perform for the throbbing masses. Check out for more details.