Musical Red Bull

Here's an interesting competition that could win you some free studio time. "On March 1st 2008 Red Bull energy drink launches ‘Red Bull Can Make Music´, a creativity contest that challenges students to make and build a unique piece of music using only a Red Bull can at until June 1st 2008." "Supported and judged by music heavyweights and Red Bull Music Academy Alumni DJ Zinc, Zed Bias and Tony Nwachukwu entries will be scored on creative concept: individuality and ingenuity and conceptual execution: composition and construction." "The creator of the winning track will get to spend a day in the studio with a judge of their choice. In addition the top entrants will be invited to London for an exclusive showcase party where the winner will be announced by the judges." We're thinking a version of 'The Can Can' played in the style of Krautrockers Can using reCycle? Any other suggestions? If anyone can win this competition FM readers, um... can!!