Minimoog, CS-80 given away for free

The heading might sound like a scam by a particularly cruel spam bot, but the cruelest thing in all of this is that it seems to be very true. Freecycle London was bombarded over the weekend when a particularly generous chap posted an ad to "

get rid of quite a bit of equipment suitable for budding musicans who do not mind if the stuff is quite old. I'm not too sure if anyone wants this antiqueted stuff... quite bashed yamaha CS-80 (though in need of a bit of restoration it works)minimoog, which seems better preserved


Apprently the response was "amazing" but it still had to go for free. Right now, there's some very jammy folk playing their Minimoog and CS-80s with a huge grin on their face. Watch Freecycle's registration skyrocket, but unless you're willing to sit through 900 emails a week about toasters looking for a good home, I'm going to go all out and claim that this is never going to happen again. Pick up your jaw from the floor and move on...arrrrg!


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