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OnyxGO | Mic Wireless Microphone – the perfect partner for content creators

Mackie’s clip on OnyxGO | Mic
(Image credit: Mackie)

Whether you are building a brand, promoting a cause, or just connecting big time on social media, you need to know about Mackie’s new OnyxGO | Mic Wireless Clip-on Microphone. It’s an amazing and completely self-contained wireless mic system for your smartphone.  

The app-powered OnyxGO | Mic priced at $119.99 is simply the best way to create content on-the-fly.  The OnyxGO | Mic records your voice directly to your smartphone with amazing sound quality. It’s also ultra-compact and simple to use. You just clip on, pair it with the OnyxGO app, and you’re ready to rock your vlog, streaming session, or ‘go live’ sounding like a pro. 

But OnyxGO is more than a great sounding wireless mic. When you create content using the OnyxGO | Mic with the OnyxGO app, you’ll have all the power of a mobile content creation studio–right in your pocket. 

Plug the included CR-Buds Earphones into the headphone output of the OnyxGO | Mic and you can monitor your recording in real-time stereo–as you would in a professional recording session–even if you are away from your phone. Using the OnyxGO app, mix your voice recording with Bluetooth audio or incoming calls. Then, get rid of background sounds with push-button-simple noise reduction technology and add the finishing touches with a suite of voice-enhancing tools that include a 5-band EQ, voice-shaping effects, and reverb to keep you sounding your best.

Need to record some video for your podcast or live stream? Do it right in the OnyxGo app and it automatically syncs up your audio for a trouble-free broadcast. The AI-powered OnyxGo app can even generate a transcription or subtitles from your recording.

OnyxGO makes it incredibly easy to get clear, great-sounding audio into your devices for interviews, podcasting or live streaming, but the best thing for most users is that the OnyxGo system is simple with no wireless receiver or cables.  It is completely self-contained and everything you will need to create your best content. 

Make your next move to step up quality for virtually any application. Buy it at (opens in new tab)