Me and my guitar: Adam Dutkiewicz, Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage's guitarist / producer extraordinaire talks us through his Caparison signature model with a tasty twist… 

Special order pizza

“This is my special model, one of the guys who designs guitars at Caparison was nice enough to draw me one of favourite things in the world on my guitar; pizza. This is my signature model, the TAT [model] through and through and it’s based upon that.”

I’m a very simple man that sweats a lot

Keep it simple

“As you can see it’s only got one pickup. The reason I did this; I’m a very simple man that sweats a lot. I wanted to have the least amount of electronics in the guitar as possible. So we kept it simple. More wood; more tone."

(Image credit: Killswitch Engage)

It might get loud

"It’s a straight neck thru design with string thru too so you get the most sustain and loudness. It’s one of the loudest guitars I’ve ever played. It’s fantastic, I love this thing.”

Takes a beating 

“I’ve got stainless steel frets on here because they wear a lot better. And I personally like the smaller frets because they’re a little bit easier to keep in tune. And because they’re stainless steel they can take a beating.”

Fishman Fluence

“I’ve got a Fishman Fluence in here with the tap that has the other voicing, which is based upon a guitar with non active electronics. It’s a lot more open, a little richer in the bass and less compressed.”

For more information on the Adam Dutkiewicz signature model visit Caparison Guitars. Killswitch Engage's latest album Atonement is out now on Metal Blade Records. 

Rob Laing
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