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Are you guilty of using your soft-synth collection as nothing more than a bunch of devices to play back presets? With our current CM Special you have the chance to finally get to grips with synthesis and take complete control over your sounds.

This easy, step-by-step guide will give you the firm foundation every skilled electronic musician needs. From the basic fundamentals of synthesis right through to patch design - you´ll learn to customise your presets with expertise and design your own patches from scratch.

All the software you need is on the included disc, along with ten exclusive CM video tutorials that show you how to create the most popular and cutting-edge sounds of today.


• The history of synth music

• Synthesis fundamentals

• How to create classic riffs and cutting-edge sounds, step-by-step

• Free start-up synth kit - everything you need to create your own sounds with your PC or Mac

• Ten exclusive CM video tutorials on disc

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