Music legend Midge Ure to launch Tunited, "the new music industry"

Ultravox legend Midge Ure is to launch a website, Tunited, aimed at promoting up-and-coming artists. Midge says of the site, "With Tunited, we´re not just opening doors for new artists - we´re blowing the doors right off, Italian Job-style! Tunited will be the new music industry." Bold words indeed!

Tunited will go live on January 10th 2010, and is described thus:

"Tunited is a groundbreaking new independent music website which will assist new and independent artists and labels gain increased exposure, challenging the flagging music business´ growing reluctance to invest in this exciting area.

Tunited will be a great exponent of new music at all levels from new student musicians right the way through to independent artists and labels with, almost uniquely, all download payments being passed on to the artist. The four cornerstones of Tunited are: Create, Collaborate, Promote and Enjoy.

Create is the music and design creation software, that comes free with Tunited that can help artists to construct their music from scratch, or they can
simply upload their existing catalogue.

Collaborate is the community element of the site, where artists can share work, ideas and network, gig-swap and exchange skills to create virtual bands.

Promote covers news, interviews, online concerts, and opportunities for advice and feedback from industry experts, A&Rs and producers.

Enjoy is where you can listen to all the music that Tunited offers its audience, with charts to show which artists are most popular within each musical genre from indie to classical, from wonk to dub-step"

We at CM are particularly interested in the 'Create' aspect of Tunited, and we hope to have more solid details on the abovementioned software before too long.

In the run up to its launch, the Tunited site is hosting a competition: entrants submit their work, with the top 100 becoming featured profile artists upon the site's launch. See for details.