Computer Music issue 194, September 2013 – BEATS


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All editions INCLUDE software, samples, video and more - see downloads FAQ.


  • Add punch to your drums, smooth out vocals and more with this classy PC/Mac compressor from eaReckon! Full info on the CM-COMP 87 page


Make killer drums for DnB, dubstep, house, trap, hip-hop and more!

You'll learn about:

  • The best sources for killer drum sounds
  • How to prepare and edit samples for maximum impact
  • Programming beats in MIDI, from simple to advanced
  • Making beats on the timeline in your DAW using samples
  • Using swing to make a beat groove
  • Streamlining beats with linear drumming
  • Creating builds, fills and drops

…And much more besides, including ELEVEN tutorial videos.

Check out this sample video from the article:


  • VIP Series - Inside Info: 800 ultra-slick samples from the masterful DnB producer
  • Bonus Classic Hi-NRG samples: 1952 sounds from the CM archives
  • Bonus classic Hattrrixx DnB samples: Drum 'n' bass toolkit with 349 sounds


  • Freestylers Producer Masterclass: IN-STUDIO VIDEO with the breakbeat legends
  • Reason 7 - The Essential Guide: Get up to speed with the new features - PLUS 5 VIDEOS
  • All that Jazz: Make jazz on your PC or Mac with our guide!
  • CM-COMP 87: How to get great results with this issue's free eaReckon compressor! - PLUS VIDEO
  • CM Focus - Alchemy Player CM: Discover the secrets of this deceptively simple instrument - PLUS 6 VIDEOS
  • Easy Guide - Suspensions: Bring tension to your chord progressions - PLUS VIDEO
  • Bonus Classic Complextro videos: THREE VIDEOS on programming great synth sounds
  • PLUS lots more tutorials


  • BT: Deep interview with the electronica legend! In his own words, "officially the coolest interview I have ever done!"
  • Zynaptiq: Denis Goekdag from the über-innovative development house speaks to CM
  • Dave Clarke: The Baron of Techno discloses his favoured five bits of software
  • Camel Audio: We talk beans and bass with Ben Gillett from the hairy, behumped developers


  • MOTU Digital Performer 8
  • Steinberg WaveLab 8
  • Arturia SparkLE
  • Novation Launchkey
  • IllFormed Glitch 2
  • Universal AudioOcean Way Studios Plugin
  • PSP Springbox
  • Kilohearts Disperser
  • PLUS 15 more reviews

30 PLUGINS to download with this issue

  • Every issue of Computer Music comes with CM Plugins, an exclusive collection of pro-quality VST/AU instruments and effects for PC and Mac. Check out our full CM Plugins list and the CM Plugins FAQ for more info.


***Producer Masterclass video is not currently downloadable. Apple Newsstand readers can watch it directly inside the app via internet streaming. Print edition includes Producer Masterclass on the DVD. Zinio does not include Producer Masterclass video.

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