CM Special 25: Guitar Power!

If your guitar recordings aren´t as polished and professional as you´d like, don´t miss

Guitar Power!

- the brand-new CM Special. It´s dedicated to helping you nail your sounds and perfect your performances - all using the power of today´s software!


Inside you´ll find more than 50 pages of brand-new tutorials covering the production process from start to finish. You'll learn how to turn dodgy riffs into a virtuoso performance, how to time, tune, pitchshift and generally edit your parts to perfection, how to remix rock tracks into club floor-fillers, how to wield FX like a pro, how to build shimmering harmonies in software, how to produce a balanced, spacious mix… and more.

Hear the results

The included interactive DVD features audio tracks showcasing the techniques demonstrated in the tutorials, with 'before' and 'after' examples. Try the techniques with an arsenal of software tools for recording and producing pro-quality guitar tracks.

Choose the right gear

If you want to improve your setup, turn to the ‘CM recommends´ section, where you can peruse our pick of the best guitar recording kit out there. And be sure to check out our fly-on-the-wall account of the CM Listening Challenge, where we pit £7k of real amps and hardware recording kit against two sub-£300 digitally-modelled solutions to see if traditional guitarists can hear the difference. (If you haven't taken the challenge yet, do so



Computer Music Special vol.25: Guitar Power! is available from:

UK/Europe: Selected WH Smith, Borders and independent newsagents. On sale now.

North America: Selected Borders and Barnes & Noble outlets, from October 10.

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