Steal Their Sound: Tim Wheeler (Ash)

It's Grand Theft Axe as TG reveals the gems stashed inside professional gigbags!

Ash guitarist/singer, Tim Wheeler, talks us through his gear list.

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Guitar and amplifier

Gibson SG Reissue VOS (£2,399)

"The SG is amazing, I love how light it is and how well it plays. It's got that fat sound – I love the sound of Gibson humbuckers. I love it so much that I try to use it for everything! It's just so comfortable."

Gibson Flying V (£6,449)

"I've had this for years. It was my main live guitar and I got quite identified with it. It's got a cool pickup –a late 50s zebra coil PAF. It's not quite as hot an output as the SG, so I use the MXR Micro Amp to boost the signal."

Mesa/Boogie Road King Series II (£3,499)

"Having all these channels changed my life. It ranges from a very clean sound, to an old Selmer or Vox amp tone, to quite overdriven without so much sustain, to a really high-gain channel."

Effects pedals

Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer (£179)

"Apparently this is Billy Corgan's secret weapon! I use this on 'Burn Baby Burn' before each chorus kicks in. You can get quite metallic tones, ringing, singing lead tones… It's an amazingly versatile guitar pedal."

Dunlop Crybaby Wah (£142)

"I've used these for over 18 years now! I'm a super massive fan of Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy, so I love wah-wah solos. This is my automatic weapon of choice for a solo – Girl From Mars is one."

Nocto Loco (£145)

"I used to use this Korg synthesiser, a giant box from the mid 70s. It took up a lot of space in my rack and was pretty fragile, but you could get a really gnarly, crazy tone from it, especially with a wah-wah and octave fuzz. This pedal recreates that."

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