Opeth Video Exclusive: Preview their Royal Albert Hall DVD!

Check out the live video of 'Dirge For November'

FutTv : e9kFoQfq258OV

Opeth are due to release their 'In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall' CD/DVD box-set later this month (20 September) and we've got an exclusive live video premiere of 'Dirge For November', which you can watch above.

The original gig took place back in April of this year and saw the band play two sets – for the first they played their seminal album 'Blackwater Park' in full, whereas the second set featured a selection of tracks from their extensive back catalogue. The above performance is taken from the first set.

The 'In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall' box-set will be available in both a double DVD/three CD collection or, for uber-fans, a double DVD, four LP set, which will also include a booklet and a numbered lithograph, signed by guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt. For more information head to the Roadrunner website.

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