Ed Shaughnessy honoured at PASIC

Ed Shaughnessy was honoured by Ludwig Drums at a special presentation at the recent PASIC event in Columbus Ohio for his thirty year commitment to Ludwig. During the celebration, Ed was presented a one-of-a-kind Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum extensively hand engraved with Shaughnessy’s well-known caricature (see pictures below).

Jim Catalano, director of marketing for Ludwig/Musser and long-time friend of Ed made the presentation. “Ed’s influence on today’s drummers is legendary", he said. "At a time when television was the single in-home video outlet, Ed provided a clinic to the nation’s drummers and fans every weekday evening on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.  It’s hard to imagine any one person having such an effect on drummers and drumming as Ed Shaughnessy did every night.  In today fractionalized video market, it’s likely never to be seen again.”

Ed is presented with his special snare drum

The engraved detail in all its side-burned glory!

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