Eastwood Airline Town & Country Deluxe

This vintage remake aims to bring out your inner Raconteur

Canadian company Eastwood produces a range of replicas and reissues of 50s and 60s pawnshop prizes.

Take a look on the website and you'll see such cheesy six-string genius as the Wandre Deluxe, the Hi-Flyer and the Ichiban. We love these guys!

The Airline Town & Country Deluxe is a replica of the vintage guitar played by Jack White in the video for The Raconteur's Steady As She Goes.

Thanks to Jack's patronage the original guitars are now worth a small fortune, so Eastwood's reissue is our only chance of flying on this particular Airline.

Hands on

The Elephant Man would look like a rock star with this guitar round his neck.

The three-pickup layout, licensed Bigsby vibrato and abundance of control knobs on the Airline help this guitar look the absolute business.

The only thing we weren't blown away by was the position of all those knobs.

They get in the way a bit, although we did get used to them after a while.

Plugged in this guitar will 'do' metal, but it's best suited to scuzzy old rock sounds and 50s twang.

The playability won't please shredders, but it's fine for strummers, surf punks and power chord fiends.


We'd be happy to fly this Airline again. We didn't get any complimentary nuts, but we did get a kick out of thinking we were as cool as Jack White.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Ace looks. Twangs beautifully.


Clumsy knobs.


An undiluted slice of rock and roll cool. It might not be for everyone, but its looks will be enough to win it many fans.

Available Controls

3 x Volume Controls Master Volume Tone for Each Pickup

Available Finish

Vintage cream and redburst

Bolt-on Neck




Fingerboard Material


Guitar Body Material


Neck Material


No. of Frets


Pickup Configuration

3 x Humbucker

Pickup Type

Alnico Hot-10

Scale Length (Inches)




Tremolo Details

Licensed Bigsby vibrato

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