Who is the best bassist of all time?

(Image: © Gonzales Photo/Rasmus Weng K/REX/Shutterstock)

Low-end lovers, gather round: ahead of Bass Week on MusicRadar, we're asking you to submit your nominations for the greatest bass player in history.

We’re not just talking pure technical skill here; it’s as much about who wrote the catchiest basslines, played the smoothest licks and lent the greatest contributions to their respective recordings and bands.

So whether your favourite is a funkateer like Flea or Bootsy Collins, a prog maestro like Geddy Lee or Chris Squire, or a grunge-rocker like Krist Novoselic or Kim Deal, it's time to decide who you'd choose to take care of business at the low-end in the all-star fantasy supergroup of your dreams.

So, cast your vote below, and we’ll reveal the results when Bass Week kicks off on 21 August.