VirSyn Bark: the multiband filter that's modelled on your ear

Plug-in features 27 band-pass filters

VirSyn Bark
Is Bark a valuable use of bytes?

No matter how your music is made or what it’s played through, it always ends up at the same place – your ears. So, German software developer VirSyn has taken the logical step of releasing a filter plug-in, known as Bark, that’s modelled on the way the ear receives audio information.

Bark comprises a filter bank that features 27 band-pass filters – these are said to match the ear’s ‘critical bandwidth’. There’s also a compression algorithm that’s designed to replicate the compression system that you’ll find in your lugs.

Bark is available now for Mac and PC in Audio Units, RTAS and VST 3 formats. The full price is €169, though it’s available for €99 until June 30 2008. A fully working demo version is also being offered – you’ll find it at the VirSyn website.

By Ben Rogerson