HighC lets you 'draw' your music

Sketch your way to successful tunesmithery


Although all computer music making applications work in slightly different ways, many of them look and feel pretty similar. Not so HighC (pronounced ‘I see’ - and in a strong French accent, apparently), which is a graphical tool that enables you to ‘draw in’ your music.

The software’s main interface is a continuous time-frequency diagram that looks like a musical score. HighC promises to combine a synth, sequencer and mixer, and is powered by a variety of synthesis techniques.

All parameters in HighC are continuous curves that sit on the timeline – there are no knobs or faders to worry about. It might sound complicated, but the developer believes that even complete novices and children can get a grip on its basic principles within minutes.

HighC has certainly got MusicRadar intrigued – we’ll be trying out the free version (in which playback is limited to 22kHz) at the earliest available opportunity. Both this and the pro version (which costs €30) are available on the HighC website. The software runs on Windows, OS X and even Linux, so everyone can give it a try.