Vinnie Paul sells his first cell phone on eBay

Vinnie and phone

Ex-Pantera and current Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott is selling his first cell phone on eBay. This might sound strange, but compared to the oven he sold last summer, it's relatively normal…

There is, of course, more to it than that: the mobile phone - a Motorola Micro T-A-C UTE II - was a birthday gift from Vinnie's brother and guitar legend Dimebag Darrell. It's signed (by Vinnie, not Dimebag) in several places and it comes complete with batteries, a charger and a car-charger adaptor.

The eBay listing includes a video of Vinnie explaining the sale. In case you're interested, he's not doing it for the money: "I don't need the cash, I ain't doing it for nothing else other than the novelty of getting rid of this fucking Star Trek cell phone made by Motorola."

Vinnie paul

Vinnie paul

If you want to own what Vinnie describes as "a part of heavy metal history," you'll have to get bidding. It's $400 at the time of writing with another seven days on the clock.

(Via: Blabbermouth)